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What is MSAT?


MSAT (Medical Study-abroad Aptitude Test) is designed to test future medical students that may want to know how much they are ready to study medicine in English language. The test itself is composed of 5 sections such as General English (*including a short essay writing,) Medical English, Biology, Chemistry, and Logical Reasoning with their computer access to our dedicated testing system. Upon a successful completion, the test takers will receive a simple test result with their correct answer percentage, after which a formal scoring report will be provided together with the essay graded by our professional instructors.

Based on this scoring report, there will be additional Skype interview with one of our instructors, who may be one of the current medical students in Germany, Hungary, or Italy. Therefore, during the interview, the test takers may ask some practical questions on not only their current academic preparedness but also about some details of admission procedure, features of different European medical schools, and student life. 

The purpose of MSAT, therefore, is to fully diagnose what a test taker has for now and needs to prepare more in terms of “planning ahead.”

To study medicine itself is never easy, and living in Europe may sound quite attractive but can also be quite challenging due to different social norms and administrative policies, not to mention language and culture basically.  Therefore, it is STRONGLY recommended for any student pursuing to study “medicine in Europe” to take this dedicated MSAT prior to start planning their preparation/admission for European English Medical Universities (EEMU.)

During the MSAT, your fundamental knowledge on various subjects will be evaluated.


✓ Things to notice

  • Web browsers recommended: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Mobile devices may NOT work properly; Desktop PCs and laptops will run more smoothly throughout the tests.
  • In case you cannot click or type in, first “clear the browser cache & cookies” and try again in 10 minutes.
  • For other technical supports, please contact us with details of your issue (*preferably with screenshots). 
  • You must Register / Log In / Enroll to take this MSAT.


◼︎ Test Subjects


  1. General English (140 mins, including Short Essay Writing)
  2. Medical English (15 mins)
  3. Biology (40 mins)
  4. Chemistry (40 mis)

*5. For German and Italian universities, you need to take this additional section called “Logical Reasoning (65 mins).”


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◼︎ Keep in mind …

  1. Prepare “pen and scratch paper” to work on “calculation problems” during the test.
  2. Do NOT use “Calculator.”
  3. After completing all sections, you will have a Skype interview during which the overall evaluation will be given.
  4. Once registration is complete, you need to click “Take this course” as the image below:


(*If you cannot find a “start” button for each test, you can always find the remaining tests on your screen as below: )

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