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Fundamental Study Resources
for Logical Reasoning & General Knowledge

– Module 2 covers World Facts –

  • Topic 1: Africa
  • Topic 2: Asia
  • Topic 3: Americas
  • Topic 4: Western Philosophies
  • Topic 5: Eastern Philosophies
  • Topic Summary Readings
  • Youtube Online Lecture Compilations ☞ Best Lectures Chosen by Medical Students
  • Online Tutor Available ☞ Extra Credits Required

☞ Test questions may NOT necessarily cover the identical information and/or details included in the summary texts and video contents. Therefore, our users are STRONGLY recommended to read, watch, and solve in order to establish and expand their “General Knowledge” topics, which are CONSTANTLY being updated and/or revised based on the adequate reviews from the current medical students as well as medical admission testing professionals of our team and partners. Most importantly, it is our users’ responsibility to verify the facts and details with any other academic and non-academic resources, which may hold different/alternative viewpoints from what are compiled at our website and its relevant resources cited.

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