IMAT GK Module 1 (Europe)

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Fundamental Study Resources
for Logical Reasoning & General Knowledge

– Module 1 covers European History

  • Chapter 1: Introduction on Europe
  • Chapter 2: Prehistory & the Roman Empire
  • Chapter 3: The Middle Ages
  • Chapter 4: The Renaissance
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  • Topic Summary Readings
  • Youtube Online Lecture Compilations ☞ Best Lectures Chosen by Medical Students
  • Online Tutor Available ☞ Extra Credits Required

☞ Tests must be passed with over 80% of correct answers and limited with 2 tries. If the tests are not passed, you may not proceed to the next chapter / module.

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☞ 로그인 버튼은 1회만 클릭 (*10초 이내 자동 연결)

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